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Mercedes S - class W221 LONG, 320 CDI 

Item number: 7421482071

|Vehicle class: luxury class, Type: hatchback, Brand: Mercedes

Mercedes S - class W221 LONG, 320 CDI

Mercedes S - class W221 LONG, 320 CDI

You are taking an extended vacation, or your job is bringing you to Cyprus, or your car broke down and you need a car. Our monthly rates are very attractive for people who need a car. Take advantage of great benefits like:

* Special rates: The longer you rent the more you save. Longer rentals mean bigger savings!

* Choice: Selection of vehicles to meet your business or personal needs.

* Freedom: You can organize your own day tour, seeking out all the prehistoric sights in island or drive from village to village and discover what each has to offer.

Mercedes S - Class:

2008, Luxury full extra

We Offer

* Guaranteed, low rates available throughout the year
* Express Return service
* Unlimited mileage on round-trip rentals
* Reduced city surcharges
* Special discounts for return customers
* Flexible billing options (cash, cheques, credit cards)
* 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
* 24-Hour reservations
* Chauffeur Driven Car Service


Price shown is for 3 days - 14 days!!

14 days & over = 300 EUR / Day ( 1.11 - 31.03 )
14 days & over = 400 EUR/ Day (1.04 - 30.10 )

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